Lake District Eastern Fells November 2010

I’ve just returned from an excellent weekend dash up to Cumbria. To delay the inevitable chore of having to unload the car and hang up damp kit to dry I thought I post a few snaps.

Day 1:  Wild camp after a Day 0 dash up the M6.  We were practicing minimum impact even if others hadn’t.

Day 1: On the way down to the saddle at Threshthwaite Mouth, looking south to Troutbeck Park.  Check out the fantastic glacial U-shaped valley of the left. The misfit stream Hagg Gill glimmers in the fleeting sun.

Day 1: Looking northeast from Caudale Moor to Brothers Water.

Day 2:  The day dawned with cloud wafting across Angle Tarn.  During the night there had been the soft sprinkling sound of snow sliding down the tent fly but none had settled – at least not at this elevation.

Day 2: In the cold and crisp air, the reflections on Angle Tarn were splendid – my kind of infinity pool!

Day 2: The Fairfield range.

Day 2: Snow on High Street.