Unix cheat sheet


Command Usage
apropos STRING Search man pages for STRING, including text of all man pages.
whatis STRING Same as apropos but only searches man page names.
cp -pi /path/file /path/file.`date +%F` Make a backup of a file and append the date.


Command Usage
find /usr/pkgsrc -type d -name "search_term" Find package to install.
make, make install and make clean Compile and install software in pkgsrc directories.
cd /usr/pkgsrc && cvs update -dP Update the pkgsrc sources via CVS.
lintpkgsrc -i Find out of date packages.
pkg_rolling-replace -u Updates packages and dependencies.


Command Usage
Ctrl-b PgUp Go into copy mode to allow scrolling in buffer.
Ctrl-b " Split pane horizontally.
Ctrl+b % Split pane vertically.
Ctrl+b SPACE Switch between split orientation.
Ctrl+b arrow key Switch pane.
Hold Ctrl+b Resize pane.
Ctrl+b c (c)reate a new window.
Ctrl+b n Move to the (n)ext window.
Ctrl+b p Move to the (p)revious window.