Skills and knowledge don't weigh anything

  • I value optimising for simplicity, removing unnecessary constraints and encumberances - where doing so is reasonable and rational.
  • I value self reliance. Developing my own capabilities makes me better able to contribute to the lives of others and simplifies my life by removing external dependencies. I am generally self-directed but am not striving for self-sufficiency.
  • Seeking help and guidance from others makes a great deal of sense when I have much to learn or are challenged by things which are not consistent with my interests or which might overwhelm my own resources or resourcefulness. People are where the fun is :-)
  • Working and living in the 21st century can be complicated. Whilst I value simplicity, some complexity is necessary and even desirable if it helps to solve problems but we can also make intentional decisions to focus our attention on what is important so that complexity doesn’t get out of hand.
  • Minimalism is a sensible default setting but there is a danger of taking things too far. Some situations merit greater complexity and yes stuff. Raising a family comes to mind. Whilst I don’t mind ‘doing without’ if this would be consistent with my values or objectives, imposing this approach on others is a crappy idea.
  • A clean, simple interface or explanation hides an abundance of complexity. This is fine as long as you can in principle find out what might be really going on should you need to. Pick your battles but cultivate the skills you need to win on the rare occasions that you need to.
  • I like using good tools. I like high quality but I don’t like extraneous bells and whistles. As an example, I enjoy lightweight [bike|back]packing. I’m not a fanatic. I’m sceptical, open minded and value diversity of opinion and outlook. As much as travelling light is enjoyable, extra weight or complexity may be justfied for reasons of durability, cost and performance. If I’m not travelling fast or far, I’m not in a high performance setting. Sometimes simple things which weigh more are the better option. If I don’t have to carry something far then an ultralight item which costs more and which doesn’t last as long might be a waste of valuable resources. As light and simple as possible but no more…